Caring for Your Guinea Pig’s Nails

Guinea PigsGuinea pigs have quite long and sharp claws and just like with a cat or dog, these nails need trimming from time to time. Doing it properly without hurting or stressing the animal or yourself is key to getting the job done. It doesn’t hurt to get the animal used to having his paws handled before you ever attempt to trim the nails. Providing some comfort to the guinea pig prior to and during the process is important as well. Once you get the hang of it, guinea pig nail care becomes a simple matter.

Set the animal on your lap and if necessary, have a helper hold him still while you do the trimming. Or, if it seems easier, simply wrap the guinea pig in a towel with one leg sticking out for you to work on. This will help the animal feel secure while at the same time, keeping him from panicking and scratching you. The nails should be trimmed at least once a month in order to keep them from getting too long. If the nails get long, they will begin to curl under and the living tissue inside the nails will grow longer as well, making it difficult to trim the nails in the future.

Using either human style nail clippers or clippers designed for pets, hold the paw carefully and gently place the tip of the nail into the clipper. Snip it quickly and carefully. Inside the nail is a section containing blood vessels and nerves. This part is called the quick and it can be seen as a more solid area within the transparent nail. The trick is to cut above that section of nail without cutting into the quick. If that area is accidentally cut, the animal will feel pain, and the nail will bleed. Continue reading

How to Breed Guinea Pigs for Profit

Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs can be great pets,and this is the key factor that will make it possible to establish a business selling them. Once you learn how to breed guinea pigs for profit, you’ll be on your way. There are a couple basic facts that you should know before you begin. Starting out, you’ll need to learn how to set your business goals, understand the health needs of guinea pigs during breeding, and what particular steps you’ll need to take to set up your operation.

Set realistic business goals

Determine the size of area you have to set up cages for your animals. Males, known as boars, and females, also called sows will need to be kept separately much of the time. Next, determine how many breeder sows you want to begin with. Figuring out the start-up costs will depend upon this as you’ll need cages, bedding, feeding and watering supplies and feed. The next step is to purchase healthy breeders that are the right age. It’s ideal to begin with young females that are between 4-6 weeks of age, and likewise with boars. Continue reading

Tips for Long Haired Guinea Pig Care

long haired guinea pigs, Guinea pigs are larger than hamsters, but smaller than rabbits. They’re medium-sized members of the rodent family, and they make excellent pets. The average guinea pig weighs two to three pounds, and they can live as long as 10 years with the right care. Coats range from short, coarse fur to long, silky fur. If you have a long haired guinea pig, it’s important to know how to care for it properly.

General Care

Guinea pigs typically like company, so having two or more of the same gender is a good idea. Regardless of how many you have, you should make sure that the cage is large enough for all of them. A good rule of thumb is to allow four square feet of space in the cage for each guinea pig. Make sure you remove soiled bedding every day, and make sure that your guinea pig has fresh food and water. Since a guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously, it’s important that you also give her something to gnaw on regularly. Small twigs and wood that is not chemically treated works well for this purpose.


Pet stores sell food that is made especially for guinea pigs. It contains nuts, seeds, and vegetables that the guinea pigs would normally eat in the wild. It’s sold in pellet form, so it’s easy to pour out of the box into a bowl. You should supplement your guinea pig’s diet with fruits and vegetables regularly. Eventually you’ll start to learn what your guinea pig enjoys the most, but small fruits and vegetables like grapes, peas and cut up carrots are good foods to try first. If you give your guinea pig larger pieces of fruit, such as apples or oranges, make sure you cut up the food to make it easier for your guinea pig to handle.


Long haired guinea pigs are gorgeous, but their fur requires daily maintenance. Gently use a wide-toothed comb to make sure there aren’t any tangles. A comb is more gentle than a brush, and lets you untangle the fur without causing larger mats. Once you get the hang of grooming your guinea pig, you’ll probably only spend a few minutes a day on this task. Once a week or so you may need to give your long haired guinea pig a bath, or at least clean his back end. Using the bathroom can be difficult for long haired guinea pigs, so you may also want to consider trimming the fur around his back end to make clean up a little bit easier.

Top Guinea Pig Cages Available

Guinea Pig Cages Most customers will appreciate how they can improve the different guinea pig cages that they may have for their pets. This could be an excellent resource for pet owners who want to improve the results that they can get. They will likely want to check out some of the different types of resources that people have at their disposal along the way. They can view the guinea pig cages available through Amazon, if they want to learn more about how these cages may work over time. Most people will need to consider some of the advantages offered by these different types of products as well.

First, customers should check out a few of the resources that they have at their disposal. They will likely want to review how they can use guinea pig cages to help give their pets freedom to roam around. Most owners will be impressed by the sheer amount of utility for the cages that they want to use. They should check out which ones will offer the sturdiest design, since this is frequently an appealing choice for many out there. Consumers will undoubtedly be able to find out more information about how they can improve the guinea pig cages that are out on the market as well. The Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat and Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat, X-Large are two excellent examples of how this can work.

There are quite a few different types of additions that people can put in to place when they want to check out how they can work. These guinea pig cages actually offer a surprising amount of extras, which will improve the basic design that they can find. Most of these cages can be set up in just a short amount of time, which will be an appealing feature for many out there. Some customers will undoubtedly be able to find out more information about the guinea pig cages that they will need to secure over time as well. They can check out some of the reviews left on Amazon to learn more about what each of them will offer.

Finally, most customers will need to consider the price of their guinea pig cages before they finalize their results. This is part of the appeal of these cages, since they will actually incorporate a few different types of elements to their design. There are a full range of resources that people have at their disposal when they want to use these cages as well. Customers can purchase them online and ship them out to any destination for just a minimal fee.

Common Guinea Pig Skin Problems

GGuinea Piguinea pigs are popular pets. Guinea pigs also have sensitive skin.

Guinea pig skin problems range from crusty skin on the ears to infestation of parasites. Skin troubles can start for a number of different reasons. A guinea pig may be stressed or under pressure. This pet may also have a suppressed immune system. There are some things that can increase the chance of the guinea pig developing a skin problem. Pregnant guineas of those that have recently gave birth have a compromised immune system. Babies and older pets are also at risk. The death of a guinea pig that lived in the same cage can use depression. Stressful situations for guinea pigs include moving to a new location such as a new home.

Guinea pigs may get fungal infections that include their hair falling out and crusty skin around their ears and other parts of the face. These patches are usually thick and have a whitish color. This will look similar to dandruff in humans. Some of the hair may look greasy. The pets skin will turn red rather then its usual pinkish color. When touched the skin may feel hot. The guinea pig may start scratching or biting at their skin. If their owner goes to touch them the gentle pigs may try to bite. The pigs may allow make squeaking noises to show their discomfort.

Guinea pigs can also be infected by mites. A person will notice a mite infection in the pig by a v-shaped pattern of thinning hair in the middle of the back. The hair shaft of the guinea pig will be broken off half down to the root where the mite infection is occurring. When the owner gives the hair a light tug it will not come out. There may be little bumps on the surface of the skin. These bumps may also look like scabs and there may be little spots of dried blood. This is caused by the mite making its way under the skin. A severe mite infection can kill a guinea pig so it is important to seek professional treatment.

Lice are another problem that can affect guinea pigs. Lice look like little particles of dust on the big usually found around their backend. Running lice can be seen moving around on the guinea pig. They look like little worms. While lice are annoying to the guinea pig they are the least harmful of all the parasites and infections that these animals can get. The lice do not suck blood so a trip to the vet is more then likely not going to be needed. The lice can be treated with special shampoo.

To prevent these skin problems a person should look at the bedding they have in the cage. Wood shavings or sawdust are not recommended especially the ones that are scented. This may can an allergic reaction within the guinea pig and irritate sensitive skin. The guinea pig cage should be cleaned at least twice a week and damp bedding needs to be removed and replaced. If the weather is hot this should be done more often as fungus and bacteria can form. The guinea pig should be inspected often to see if they are loosing hair in a particular spot or have crust developing around their eyes and ears. This can be signs of an infection and should be treated right away. Guinea pigs make great pets and keeping up with their health will help the guinea pig live a long life.

Travel With Your Guinea Pig on Your Lap With United Airlines

guinea pig on your lap with United AirlinesWe usually see small dogs and cats in the airplane cabin, less often do we see guinea pigs. I would say we rarely see them at all ! But, it is possible with United Airlines, if you make the arrangements in advance. You need to call the airline reservation desk and mention that your very special passenger will share your seat. Guinea pigs are fragile to noise and temperature changes. Therefore, they cannot travel in the luggage compartment or fly as cargo. It will cost you a minimum of $50 to several hundred dollars to bring your pet on board but it takes what it takes: it is not necessary for only those that wear Rolex watches, to take their pets on their flights with them.

If you are traveling in Europe, verify the laws before departing. Some countries have strict quarantine laws. Better know it before than after. You may verify the laws in other countries as well: Asia and Africa especially.

Your pet, your lovely guinea pig, must travel in an airline-approved carrier. It could be a practical guinea pigs carrying pouch. For more comfort, cocoon your pet with a fleece blanket or other warm material wrapped over the carrier. Security checkpoints could be a hassle if you are not well prepared. Once at the gate, take your pet out of its carrier and hold it as you walk through the metal detector. The carrier will go through the x-ray machine. All the sounds and smells will probably terrify your guinea pig, so hold your pet close to your chest to gently reassure it.

Feed your pet at least 4 hours before your flight. With the pressure changes, a full or empty stomach can be uncomfortable. Make sure to bring water and little snacks along for your lovely one but don’t overfeed your guinea pig. The snacks could be composed of carrots, died pellets and lettuce leaves. Feed the pet every couple of hours. Sprinkling the vegetables with water is recommended to provide hydration during the flight. You can also bring a drinking bottle but it is another thing to carry. You probably have enough in your luggage.

United Airlines might ask you to provide a certificate of good health from your veterinarian to accept your pet on board. Make sure you visit your veterinarian long before the trip, like you do for your passport, to respect the renewal and expiry dates. Guinea pigs don’t need any special vaccinations. Make sure that you ask American Airlines the requirements before you book your seat. And if you are a lucky traveler, with your guinea pig on your laps, it might adapt and sleep the whole segment. One thing is certain, you will attract a lot of attention. It might disturb the pet. You can explain to other passengers that your pet needs to rest and relax, as any passenger.

Once you arrive at your final destination, first congratulate you both. Second, give your furry friend its favorite treat.

As the flight attendant always say: ”Have a safe and pleasant filght.”

Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Guinea PigsOver time, Guinea pigs have been considered as pets and they come with various reasons as to why they make great pets which makes them attractive to have especially for first timers. Other than being easy to maintain, they are known to help individuals calm down during tough times. The following are reasons why they are bound to help you get through a tough situation.

They are friendly

These pets can be quite friendly and this is a good sign especially for those undergoing a stressful moments. These are the animals that will welcome you home when you feel like no one else is there for you. The moment you arrive will lead to acknowledgement and the guinea pig will be one welcoming and cheerful animal. Just what you need to divert your attention from the ongoing day to day stress.

Talking of friendliness, they act as your companion. Once you let them out of the cage, they will probably not let you out of their sight. They will follow you around, sit on your lap or by your side.

Have character

Guinea pigs are very good with expressing their emotions. They are are excited over anything, they will “popcorn” and jump up and down just like popcorn when they are being cooked. You can imagine all the energy and activity. This will keep your mind occupied as many guinea pig pet owners will try and find the reason as to why their pet is that excited. This is the most distinctive character for guinea pigs.

This will in turn better you mood as it can be quite amusing to watch a hairy ball like look alike jumping in every corner of the cage all excited.

They are interactive and are very good at creating bonds

Guinea pigs are very good communicators and are also very playful pets. Exactly what you need to drift your mind away. In terms of communication, they will use various sounds in an effort to get your attention and pass across a given message. They will purr, squeak and even chur in which you will be able to identify what each stands to mean over a given period of time depending on how much you bond with your pet.

Guinea pigs create a personal bond with their owners. They love to cuddle and express passion. They may purr every time it is bond time and it will be able to keep you occupied when thoughts are driving you up the wall.

They are quite peaceful

It is a time of difficulty and the last thing you want is one noisy pet all over you. Guinea pigs are very peaceful and it is in their character to remain in that manner unless they are starving or they think that you are preparing food for them. Despite the fact that they are playful, they are not noisy or messy.

This in mind, guinea pigs that are well taken care of will be your closest companion especially through tough times. Not only are they your best companion but they are also easy to clean after, easy to take care of and you do not need a lot of space to accommodate one. With the named character traits, they are bound to calm you down during a tough separation or divorce as they will always keep you occupied.